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People, Processes and Positioning matter in a successful business. We Place People who ensure your Processes are efficient and profitable.

We provide cream of the crop Industrial Engineers, who are results oriented and obtain strong technical knowledge.

Indipath Professional Placements is on par with the pace and the growth dynamics of the Industrial Engineering sector, hence we have a database of impeccable problem solvers, the fixers, and the solution thinkers, who are all guaranteed to continuously improve and re-engineer your process. They are inclined to save company costs, give the company a competitive edge in pricing, improve turnaround times and deliver excellent service.

As an Industrial Engineer, you are assured of being treated with respect and consummate professionalism in line with our values. You can trust our integrity, we treat all acquired information with the highest confidentiality and discretion. We will equip you with the best career strategy and opportunities. We will stop at nothing to ensure you achieve your career aspirations.

Indipath is committed to transformation and empowerment thus we have made it our business to understand the precise local requirements, and policies to help you achieve your empowerment aim. We are a recruitment operating agency owned and managed by black women. Empowerdex has rated us Level 3, leading to a total Procurement Recognition Level of 110%.

Indipath values, excellence, speed, quality , respect and integrity.

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